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A wise person once said "I've never met a person who wasn't carefully costumed." We agree. No matter how you are dressed right now, on some level you have chosen your outfit because it makes a statement you want to make. Sidney, in our example above, wore torn clothes as a way of saying that he was a rebel and a maverick. On a subconscious level, it was more important to Sidney to show what a rebel he was than it was for him to get women.

When women look at how you dress, it makes a statement to them. To women, Sidney's way of dressing said "I want you to look good, but I'm not willing to look good in return." Not surprisingly, women were not very attracted to this. Other men make other statements. One of our clients, Ray, was an older man who had been having trouble getting dates for many years. He wore garish, brightly colored clothes that clashed with each other, and from a stylistic perspective, looked terrible. His ex-wife told him he "made a mockery of style." On top of this, he rarely bothered to bathe or shave, so he often smelled bad. On a subconscious level, by wearing clothes women wouldn't like, Ray was constantly saying "Go to Hell!" to women. He was saying this to his mother, to women in his life now, and to every woman he'd ever felt controlled by. He would complain about how women didn't like how he dressed, and wouldn't date him, but as we got to know him, we saw that it was more important to him to insult women's sensibilities than it was for him to get sex. Because of his style, his mere presence offended women. And he wondered why he couldn't get hot women from your local area or on dating sites like fuckbook into bed!

Men like Sidney make less bold, but still destructive statements to women through the way they dress. At best, they send the message "I don't care about how I look," and at worst, "I'm immature and you don't want to go out with me." When it's more important to Sidney to show what a rebel he is than to get the women he desires, women end up thinking "He's immature, and not a real man."

Other men make more constructive statements to women through the way they dress. Think about some men you know, or have seen, whose style of dress is attractive to women. You might think of John Travolta, playing the character Chili Palmer in the film Get Shorty. He always looked good, wore clothes that fit, and had a style that fit him. His style said "I'm an attractive man who knows what he's about, I'm not stuck in making some immature statement. You want me in your life." This is what you want to say, too,

As we worked with Sidney, he changed his style and thereby changed what he was saying to women. He realized that saying he was a rebel was not as important as being attractive to women. He decided that, in order to be the kind of man that got the kind of women he wanted, he'd have to have a style of dress that said "I'm an attractive, mature man," rather than making a teenage statement of rebellion. He made the changes, as you'll learn to do, and immediately noticed improvements in his relationships with
the opposite sex.

What does your way of dressing say to women you meet on fuckbook sites? Does it say that you are mature, attractive, in love with your life, confident, and of interest to her? Or does your way of dressing send out a more immature message? Let's find out.

Invest in the Right Clothes To Attract Hot Women.

Would you go to a job interview in your workout gear? Would you show up at your job wearing torn, dirty, or even smelly clothes? Would you wear a suit and tie to play in your local softball league? Or wear swim trunks on a business trip? Of course not. The simple fact is that different activities have different uniforms, if you want to be successful at a job interview, you invest the time and money in getting the right outfit for it. If you want to look professional at your job, you invest the time and money in getting the right clothes for it. And if you are playing softball on the local team, you don't wear a suit and tie; you wear the clothes that are proper for the activity.

Your life pursuit is now "getting women." If you are serious about this, you will invest time and money in getting the right clothes for the job. Because every day, every interaction you have with women whether in the real world or via online dating will be a "job interview" of sorts, you need to wear clothes that are attractive for the job. What, exactly, those clothes will be will vary from man to man. A man who is a mechanic, for instance, will express his style through clothes that are different from those of an executive. But both men, if they wish to be successful, will make the commitment to thinking about how they look to women every single day, Our level of success with women skyrocketed when we first understood the importance of proper dress when meeting them.
We each developed "dating uniforms" which we knew would make us into the kind of men we'd have to be to get the kind of women we desired into bed. We became willing to spend the time and money getting the right clothes and keeping them clean, pressed, and ended. This simple commitment has made all the difference in our level of success with women.


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